Real estate judges

K.B. Albert Chan
Shui On Land
Director of Development & Planning / Group Chief Sustainability Officer
Jerry Yin
Tishman Speyer
Managing Director ,Design & Construction
Pengzhan Du
Bureau of Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality
Chief Architect of Design Management Center
Zheng Zhu
Gemdale Corporation
Design Director, General Manager of Product Management Department
GD Consulting Ltd
Chairman and General Manager
Tengfei Feng
Wheat Capital Holdings Co., Ltd.
Chief Architect & President of Planning Institute
Yu Chang
Sunriver Holding Group Co.,Ltd.
Vice President
Jiliang Zhang
Vice President
Weibai Qiao
Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co.,Ltd.
Vice President
Jiupo Tian
Vice President , CTO
Zhaohui Jia
Sunac China Holdings (Southeast Region)Group
Sunus Construction Management Group
Chief Product Officer
Zhaoqiang Zhang
Yango Group
Senior Partner, Chief Architect, General Manager of R&D Center
Yi Qian
Committee of CPC Yurun Holding Group
Party Secretary
Yurun Real Estate Group
Vice Chairman
Wei Fan
Poly Developments and Holdings Group
Chief Architect of Product Research Department
Youji Wan
Shenzhen OCT Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
Chief Architect
Terence Wong
Galaxy Entertainment Group
Senior Vice President - Design
Jie Xu
C&D Real Estate
Chief Architect
Feng Gao
Longhai Real Estate Group
General Manager
Yuzang Huang
Country Garden Group
Vice President
Fang Fang
Wanda Group
Deputy Chief Panner of Wanda Commercial Planning Institute
Tong Zhao
Sino-Ocean Group
General Manager Assistant of Product Building Center
Jian Yao
China Railway Construction Real Estate Group Co.,Ltd.
General Manager of Product R&D Center
Caigui Zhou
Product Research and Development Dept. General Manager
Yuan Yi
China Resources Land Holdings Co., Ltd
Chief Architect