CREDAWARD is becoming more welcomed and participated by real estate corporations and design groups who take design as real passion, pursue design innovation and combine design with economic utility. CREDAWARD doesn’t restrict the location of the participants and welcomes all outstanding designs to compete on the same stage. CREDAWARD invites all elites all around the world to communicate through their works and co-promote the design, which will ultimately create a better future for all of us.

About the Judge Committee

Experts of the judge committee are from the fields of academia, real estate and media. They are leaders from their industry, who possess an in-depth background in construction. They know about the developing trend of the academic world, the functioning and operation of real estate projects and guiding the public opinions. The quality of CREDAWARD are based on them. With their judge experience of 2 years, they judge the projects anonymously in a fair way.

2019· The Fifth China Real Estate& Design Award
Gold Award