Yu Chang

Sunriver Holding Group Co.,Ltd.
Vice President

Personal Profile

first-class registered architect

Mr. Chang Yu is a first-class registered architect with nearly 25 years of experience in design and real estate management. With over 10 years of design experience, he has established a solid foundation for serving the real estate industry.

Since joining Wanda Group in 2006, he has successively served as the Chief Architect of Wanda Commercial Planning Institute, Vice President of Wanda Hotel Construction Company, and Deputy Dean of Wanda Hotel Design Institute.

After leaving Wanda Group, he held positions such as Vice President of Baolong Group and Vice President of Sunriver Holding Group, concurrently serving as the Director of Sunriver Holding Group Tourism Industry Research Institute.

Mr. Chang has been involved in the formulation and promotion of design management standards and technical standards in companies such as Wanda Group, Baolong Group, and Sunriver Holding Group.

With over a decade of service in the real estate industry, Mr. Chang has overseen the design and management of dozens of urban complexes and high-end hotel projects. Currently, he is mainly engaged in the cultural tourism industry and has successively implemented large-scale tourism projects such as the Qiyun Mountain Ecological Cultural Tourism Area and the Sunriver Holding Group Yinghuai Ecological Cultural Tourism Area.


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A Decade’s Hall | CREDAWARD 10th Anniversary Message

Written in February,2024

Time flies, and CREDAWARD has reached its 10th birthday! Over the past decade, we have experienced the vibrant vitality of industry development and endured the challenges of industry downturns. But CREDAWARD has always remained steadfast on its path, striving for progress and development.

We are still who we are—a group of passionate architects dedicated to design, using our enthusiasm to drive and inspire. At 10 years old, we are still young, and we believe we can continue to uphold openness, fairness, and justice. We believe we can promote design innovation, lead design trends, and set design standards!

A Message for CREDAWARD

Written in 2015

The CREDAWARD promotes innovation, leads trends, and sets a paradigm in design.

Interpretation of "Real Estate Architect"

Written in 2019

The role of a real estate architect is to use a professional perspective to examine the beauty of design, uncover the value of design, lead the direction of design, and serve as a link and bridge between design and the market.

Future Trends in Real Estate Design

Written in July, 2022

From the trends of recent years, it’s evident that architects have become increasingly mature, demonstrating excellence in details such as facades, circulation, and material usage. However, in the current challenging market environment, the demands on architects are becoming more comprehensive.

While the focus has traditionally been on human-centric design, I believe that many architecture firms and architects still primarily deal with clients and employers rather than directly engaging end-users. In the future, designs that are more aligned with user needs will directly impact the returns on investment for products/projects, considering how your design contributes to market management, client relations, and overall asset value enhancement. This is likely to become a prevailing trend.

In this wave of change, who stays and who goes will likely depend more on your capabilities and the value you create. What real benefits can your design bring to the market and clients?