All development, design, and implementation units of outstanding projects are welcome to register and participate.

Real estate development company

Architectural design agency

Landscape design agency

Interior design agency

Lighting design agency

Project Category Spectrum

Urban Regeneration
Planning Design
Future Project
Social Public Project
Comprehensive Commercial Project
Demonstration Area
Landscape Design
Interior Design(Include FF&E Design)
Lighting Design
Public Building
Other Categories
Urban Regeneration & Renovation
Urban Planning(>50ha)
Planning Design(10ha-50ha)
Under Construction
Uncompleted Project
Cultural & Education
Tourism & Vacation
Municipal & Infrastructure
Rural Construction
Leisure & Dining
Private House
Commercial Residence
Government Welfare Housing
Supporting Facility
Demonstration Area(Architectural Design)
Demonstration Area(Landscape Design)
Demonstration Area(Interior Design)
Demonstration Area(Lighting Design)
Urban/Public Landscape
Rural/Eco Landscape
Public Building Landscape
Residential Landscape
Public Building Interior-Exhibition
Public Building Interior-Leisure & Dining
Public Building Interior-Hotel
Public Building Interior-Industrial Project
Public Building Interior-Office
Public Building Interior-Commercial Project
Public Building Interior-TOD
Public Building Interior-Rural Construction
Public Building Interior-Municipal & Infrastructure
Public Building Interior-Tourism & Vacation
Public Building Interior-Healthcare
Public Building Interior-Cultural& Education
Public Building
Urban/Public Landscape
Urban Regeneration & Renovation
Cultural & Education
Tourism & Vacation
Municipal & Infrastructure
Leisure & Dining
Urban/Public Landscape
Rural/Eco Landscape
Other Categories

Design Category Requirements

Urban Planning and Design

Architectural Design

Landscape Design

Interior Design

Lighting Design

Project Location Specifications:

Projects within China and abroad, showcasing excellence on a global scale.

Submission Requirements:

Projects completed within the last 5 years,

from January 1, 2019, to December 31, 2023;
Partial completion of ongoing projects is also eligible for submission.

Submission Materials

1、Project Basic Information:Chinese and English Project Name, Owner, Related Design Consultant, Design Cycle, Completion Time, Project Scale, Project Location, Project Application Category (Planning Design, Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Lighting Design), Application Sub-category (Commercial Project, Office Project, Residential Project, Hotel, Cultural Project, Tourism Project, Healthcare Project, Industrial Project, Urban Renewal, new business formats, etc.)

2、Chinese and English Project Description

3、Project Highlight:Including but not limited to:Project Positioning, Design Target, Design Logic, Design Inspiration, Design Innovation, Project Sustainable, Project Cost Analysis, Project Story, Technology Highlight

4、Project Drawing/Video:Please upload the project pictures and the description. One picture can be matched with a paragraph of text. Project drawings: site plan, main monomer floor plan, elevation drawing, section drawing, flow chart, detailed house type drawing etc. (Choose the drawing contents to submit according to the characteristics of the project by yourself); Real photos (the real photos must be provided for all the completed projects and no less than 10);
Smaller than 5MB
File format: jpg/png

5、Team Information:Chief Designer, Design Team

6、Owner’s Confirmation Letter:The confirmation letter should be uploaded which is signed or stamped by the owner’s project management leader. Please upload the information of design management leader and project management team.


*Specific dates subject to notification by the organizer


CREDAWARD Award Application
Submit the application form


CREDAWARD Award Submission
Upload project information


CREDAWARD Preliminary Judging
30 TOP50 Developer Judges
Thorough evaluation of each outstanding entry


CREDAWARD Award Shortlist Announcement
Publication of shortlisted projects


CREDAWARD Gold and Silver Award Presentation
Participation in the presentation is mandatory for Gold and Silver Award candidates

2024.6 or 7

CREDAWARD Award Ceremony
@ Shanghai

Participation Fees:

Award Application

RMB 2,800 per project

Shortlisted Participation

RMB 6,800 per project (This fee is only applicable if the project is shortlisted)

  • 2 seats at the annual ceremony;
  • Inclusion of shortlisted projects in the annual award album, with a print run of 5,000 copies;
  • Complimentary copy of the annual award album;
  • Display of shortlisted projects at the on-site exhibition (format to be determined by the organizing committee);
  • Trophy (1) and medal (1) for award-winning projects;
  • Shortlisted projects will be showcased on the official award website.


2 seats at the annual ceremony

Inclusion of shortlisted projects in the annual award album, with a print run of 5,000 copies

Complimentary copy of the annual award album

Display of shortlisted projects at the on-site exhibition (format to be determined by the organizing committee)

Trophy (1) and medal (1) for award-winning projects

Shortlisted projects will be showcased on the official award website.

Detailed Procedure