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CREDAWARD, originally named “Chinese Real Estate Design Award,” was initiated in 2014 by DJSER. It embodies a vision of “Originating from China, Embracing the World.” The award invites outstanding projects from around the globe to participate, spreading cutting-edge design concepts, contributing to sustainable development, and leading the path to future urban development.

CREDAWARD brings together leading academics and top urban developers with a focus on architecture to form an elite jury. They follow criteria centered on architectural aesthetics, environmental preservation, user experience, and economic benefits. For a decade, its strict selection process, transparency, and rigorous award standards have made it known as one of the industry’s most credible awards, acting as a key resource for clients seeking the most appropriate design firms for their needs.

Over ten years, CREDAWARD has received 9,147 entries from quality design firms across 26 countries and regions, showcasing its commitment to international reach, relevance, and a mission-driven focus.

The award highlights a broad spectrum of projects, ranging from urban regeneration and infrastructure developments to public facilities such as museums, libraries, and sports complexes. It also covers extensive commercial and office developments, residential areas, and encompasses both existing and conceptual designs.

Featured design categories include planning, architecture, landscape, interior, and lighting design.

Evaluation Criteria

4 Dimensions

Architectural Aesthetics

Environmental Priority

User Experience

Economic Benefits

7 Principles:

The project design embodies positive innovation, originality, and cultural heritage.

The project is appreciated by both the elite and the masses and plays a leading role in the industry’s aesthetic trends.

The project’s functionality is reasonable, with characteristics of modernity and uniqueness.

The project’s standards have a positive impact on the urban and surrounding environment.

The project leads the industry in sustainable development.

The project serves as a learning model both now and in the future.

The project balances design quality and cost, positively impacting product value enhancement.

Overview of Previous Editions



To be Revealed



Shanghai Center
Theme: “New Journey”
Attendance: Nearly 600 Participants

Participation of 309 Companies
Submission of 853 Entries



Shanghai Jing’an Shangri-La Hotel
Theme: “New Dream’
Attendance: 332 Participants (Due to pandemic control measures)

Participation of 394 Companies
Submission of 1353 Entries



Originally Scheduled: Shanghai Exhibition Center
Cancelled Due to Pandemic

Participation of 502 Companies
Submission of 1919 Entries



Shanghai Center
Theme: “New Era”
Attendance: 385 Participants (due to pandemic control measures)

Participation of 457 Companies
Submission of 1616 Entries



Shanghai Pudong Kerry Center
Attendance: 1056 Participants

Participation of 323 Companies
Submission of 1117 Entries
20 Gold & Silver Award-winning Entries



Shanghai Pudong Kerry Center
Attendance: 583 Participants

Participation of 214 Companies
Submission of 658 Entries
20 Gold & Silver Award-winning Entries



Shanghai Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Attendance: 471 Participants

Participation of 137 Companies
Submission of 389 Entries
20 Grand Prize-winning Entries



Shanghai Pudong Kerry Hotel
Attendance: 293 participants

Participation of 86 Companies
Submission of 211 Entries
15 Grand Prize-winning Entries



Shanghai International Conference Center
Attendance: 149 participants

Participation of 52 Companies
Submission of 285 Entries
10 Grand Prize-winning Entries

Organizational Structure

CREDAWARD, initially called ‘Chinese Real Estate Design Award’ and henceforth known as ‘CREDAWARD,’ was established in 2014. From its inception through the fifth edition, it has held three unscheduled jury meetings annually: a preliminary review, hearings for gold and silver award-winning projects alongside the concurrent award ceremony, and an irregular summer review session. Over the years, CREDAWARD has continuously enhanced its application and evaluation process by adapting project categories to reflect industry trends, updating the CREDAWARD-specific application materials, and establishing fair judging and voting procedures.

After five years of dedicated, impartial, and fair practice, the fifth edition of CREDAWARD received nearly 2,000 entries, deepening the jury’s sense of responsibility and mission within the industry. Under the active leadership of Xing Tonghe, the jury chair, CREDAWARD underwent organizational reform. This led to the anonymous election of executive committee members and co-chairs by the jury. Professor Xing Tonghe was invited to serve as the honorary chairman.

The CREDAWARD executive committee members developed the award’s charter, established evaluation criteria, refined the judging rules, and categorized project submissions. Serving voluntarily, their votes hold equal weight with those of the entire jury. Committee members serve two-year terms, and across such periods, the executive team has faced unpredictable challenges, including pandemics and abrupt shifts in the industry. Their proactive decisions have ensured CREDAWARD’s seamless operation: they preemptively developed an online review system, held online hearings for three years, continued to organize award ceremonies in challenging times, and published industry books such as ‘Collection of China’s Real Estate Design I’, among other accomplishments.

First Edition CREDAWARD Executive Committee Members:
Albert Chan, Yiting Fan, Fang Fang, Tengfei Feng, Zhaohui Jia, Wujie Rong, Jerry Yin, Zhaoqiang Zhang, Xiaojun Zhu

Second Edition CREDAWARD Executive Committee Members:
Albert Chan, Fang Fang, Tengfei Feng, Terrence Wong, Zhaohui Jia, Yi Qian, Jerry Yin, Chunling Zhang, Zhaoqiang Zhang, Zheng Zhu

Executive Committee Members

Originating from China, Embracing the World

Gathering Outstanding Global Projects
Guiding the Path of Future Urban Development
Promoting Sustainable Social Development

Award Highlights

Academic Prestige

— Recognized by Academic Communities Worldwide —

— Supported by Internationally Renowned Institutions —

Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain)
University College London (UK)
Manchester School of Architecture (UK)

International Appeal

— High Participation from Quality Global Design Firms —

— Entries from Around the World —

— International Exchanges in Barcelona —

— Acknowledged by the industry as a prestigious global design accolade —

Comprehensive Scope

— Diverse Types of Participating Projects —

Completed Projects:
Urban regeneration/renovation, urban infrastructure,
Social Public projects such as museums, libraries, sports venues,
Mixed-use developments, office buildings, corporate headquarters, industrial parks, shopping centers, commercial, hotels,
Residential districts, residential demonstration areas.

Conceptual Projects:
Future (conceptual) projects.

— Multifaceted Design Disciplines in Entries —

Urban planning, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, lighting design.

— Participants Include —

Owners, design firms, construction entities, etc.

Outreach and Influence

— 5,000 copies of the “Winners’ Album” printed for each edition —

— Distribution through self-media channels —

— International media outreach —

— Collaborations with industry media —

High Recognition and Participation among Owners and Developers

With its rigorous selection process, transparent nomination mode, and strict awarding criteria, it’s hailed within the industry as “one of the most credible awards.”

It has become a key channel for owners to discover top-quality design firms.

Rigorous Gold and Silver Award Presentations

— Finalist projects compete for gold and silver through presentations —

— Duration of presentation: 5 minutes —

— Duration of presentation with translation: 10 minutes —.

Grand Award Ceremony

— Diverse Thematic Banquet —
— Warm Social Atmosphere —
— Guests in Formal Attire —

Award Venue

— City Landmarks —

— Five-Star Hotels —

Messages for CREDAWARD

Renowned Developers from both domestic and international spheres gathered in full force

Shui On Land, Vanke, Tishman Speyer, CIFI, Sunac, China Jinmao, Agile Property, Gemdale, Fosun, Hongkong Land, Ronshine, Jianye, Poly, Zhenro, Greentown, OCT, Longfor, and more

Gathering of Top International Design Firms

Foster + Partners, NBBJ, KPF, CallisonRTKL, SOM, Benoy, GMP, Gensler, MVRDV, UNStudio, Perkins Eastman, NIKKEN SEKKEI, Broadway Malyan, Leigh & Orange, Jerde, CHAPMAN TAYLOR, AECOM, SHL Architects Denmark, SWA, HBA, WATG, Woods Bagot, DP Architects, Valode & Pistre (France), Wilson Associates, and more.

Gathering of Top International Design Firms

Foster + Partners, NBBJ, KPF, CallisonRTKL, SOM, Benoy, GMP, Gensler, MVRDV, UNStudio, Perkins Eastman, NIKKEN SEKKEI, Broadway Malyan, Leigh & Orange, Jerde, CHAPMAN TAYLOR, AECOM, SHL Architects Denmark, SWA, HBA, WATG, Woods Bagot, DP Architects, Valode & Pistre (France), Wilson Associates, and more.

Participating Architectural Design Companies (Partial)

Participating Landscape Design Companies (Partial)

Participating Interior Design Companies (Partial)

Participating Lighting Design Companies (Partial)