Renewal comes with Rebirth | 7TH CREDAWARD Award Winners Announced

CREDAWARD, as one of the most concerned awards in the industry, adheres to the evaluation standards of architectural aesthetics, environment protection, user experience and economic benefits. Now DJSER officially announced the Award Winners of 7TH CREDAWARD.

CREDAWARD was initiated by DJSER in 2014. The Jury Panel consists of the influential academic representatives and chief architects from top-rated developers. The award adheres to spread and commend cutting-edge design concepts for outstanding projects. It aims to lead the future urban development and promote sustainable social development!
Over the years, CREDAWARD has attracted world-renowned design firms and developers from 20 countries and regions with 6,195 outstanding projects to participate in the award. There are total 168 Gold Award Winners. CREDAWARD has developed into an influential international award in China because of the authoritative judges, strict judging process. It is also praised by the industry as one of the most challenging awards. The 7TH CREDAWARD held by DJSER has received 1,919 works from 502 companies. Participating companies and works are from different countries and regions including China, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, China, USA, Singapore, Thailand, UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, Spain, Denmark, Australia, France, UAE, Vietnam, etc.

Now DJSER officially announced the Award Winners of 7TH CREDAWARD.

Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, part of Judges ‘representatives reviewing and Gold and Silver Awards Competition Presentation of 7TH CREDAWARD for 393 projects were turned online in just 2 days. After one-day fierce annual competition on August 6, nearly 100 academic judges, real estate judges and reviewers participated in the first round of voting for the Gold and Silver Awards. The award adheres to the principles of fairness, openness, and respect for voting results. The award judges and the executive committee have gone through the second and third rounds of voting for the final gold and silver awards.

There are 526 Merit Award Winners; residential project, public building, landscape design, and interior design have 10 gold and 10 silver award winners; lighting design 1 gold and 1 silver award winners.







Congratulations again to the works!

Upcoming Award Ceremony

DJSER invited the owners and designers of award-winning projects to the Shanghai Exhibition Center to receive honorary commendations from December, 2021. DJSER Design Festival 2021 will be held at the same time. DDF 2021 aims to invites global urban developers, architects/designers to share personal opinions, successful experiences and works, and discuss the future trends; promote the healthy development of the industry and initiate industry exchanges to create a better life.

In the general environment of urban renewal and regeneration, the annual keyword of DDF is 「甦su」. DJSER together with well-known real estate developers, design companies and ZAM will launch 「共甦文城」themed exhibition of approximately 5,000 square meters and 133 theme forums to promote the continuous innovation of design, and the sustainable development of city.

Scan the QR code below to register for the annual event – DDF 2021

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Su, the Chinese meaning represents the recovery and awakening, and we hope that our city and the earth we live in will recover little by little after the epidemic. At the same time, the other translation is to update and iterate, and the design continues to maintain innovation.

Su, take the first two English letters of Supreme, which is the same as the pinyin of「甦」. Supreme means the highest level in English translation. Urban developers, architects/designers work together to achieve the highest quality works.