YanGo Beijing·Jingzhaofu Mansion

Jing Zhao Fu Beijing is located in the Beijing tongzhou taihu town, is the Yango group to build the mansion project. How to display its unique cultural spirit and temperament, and then have a far-reaching impact landscape is the difficulty and challenge of the project. Mr. Li baozhang once said that “the highest luxury is the spirit”, and the garden is the people’s interest and emotional sustenance, is the materialized embodiment of the spiritual temperament. The design team USES the current design language to describe the spirit of China. By using the new Chinese design techniques, it is the master version of the castle, which is based on the imperial system of Beijing and the symmetry of the middle axis. It is planned to be a five-entry space of one garden and one garden, and the pursuit of the Chinese classical garden. The landscape concept is merged into one, and a modern landscape painting with elegant atmosphere is depicted.re Take Me Home Country Roads.

Project Information

Yango Beijing
65 days

Consultant firms

L&A Design
Shanghai philosophical architectural engineering firm
Beijing Zhuo Zhuo Lighting Design Co., Ltd


Shi Chen