Wuxi Greenland Sky tree display area

The sky-tree is an exploratory project to well mix the location with the geographic context. What is distinctive about it is not the arrangement of traditional functions or the consummation of interests, but the communion between the “pattern” and “motion” based on the site. It is to create the first TOD complex in Wuxi. As the first project on the top of subway station in Wuxi, Problems like severe earthing and planting situations, complex water discharge and drainage organization, load calculation and management, rooting methods of landscape structures basis, choice and maintenance of plant materials all have significant limitations. How to overcome the difficulties, how to establish an emotional connection between the building and the site, How to balance the dual needs of building commercial and residential formats on intensive sites are the most important challenge we may face.

Project Information

HUA YU GROUP, Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Limited
3 months

Consultant firms

Waterlily design studio


Tsehou Hsiao