Palace of Light

The Palace of Light is located in Beijing Chaoyang district Dongba region. The total land area of the plot is 86335 square meters, and the landscape design area is 44700 square meters, of which the exhibition area is about 6,600 square meters. This design is an innovation triggered by light. The designers bring in natural light and blend in with interior design. Reference to the layout of Yipu garden, designers focus on creating the poetic space of ‘water courtyard’ in the north of ‘poetic woods spring and contemporary courtyard’. The Palace of Light take the artistic conception of traditional garden, adopt a modern approach. Architecture and landscape are perfectly combined. The architecture is rational and orderly, the landscape is rational and rational, and the simple and powerful function is reasonable. This is a pinnacle of contemporary aesthetics.

Project Information

Beijing Zhitai real estate development co. LTD

Consultant firms

L&A Design


Bo Li