CIFI Sales Center Qingdao

Historically, the allure of sea and sand has never been particularly strong in China, despite the country possessing a 14,500-kilometre stretch of coastline. The new Sales Center for real estate developer CIFI takes its immediate beachfront position in Qingdao as a starting point for a customer journey that immerses visitors in the relaxing world of a maritime lifestyle. And as we have taken a sustainable approach to the interior design for the CIFI project in Qingdao, the centre can be easily repurposed as a restaurant with minimal construction once the sales phase is complete.

Project Information

3 months

Consultant firms

LWK + Partners


Peter Ippolito
Ruth Calimlim Joanna Chen Halil Dogan Steffen Hildebrand Peiyu Ho Chia-Yi (lan) Li Yu Yan Wenso Yang Gus Yap Sasha Zhang Jialiang (Tak) Zhou