Gemdale Leisurely City (Sales Center)

Gemdale Liberty City and located in the Jiulongpo district in Chongqing. The project has a site area of 17,920 sqm, and a gross floor area of 6,675.13 sqm. The site was divided into two parts; the front part was an open-air commercial street which forged an energetic community image, while the rear part was a display area for sample units. The commercial street used standardised products from Gemdale’s brownstone series, which is a modern take on the classics by infusing more casual, trendy wood tiles into the classic tiles and bricks. The façade of Gemdale Liberty City is a reinterpretation and variation founded on the developer’s existing standardised style.

Project Information

17,920 SQM
6,675.16 SQM

Consultant firms

LWK & Partners Architects
LWK & Partners Architects


Tony Yau