Rainbow Tiandi

Rainbow Tiandi is located on Lot 3 of Rainbow City. It’s mixed-use program incorporates retail, dining, entertainment, and hospitality facilities into an elegant, pleasant space, characterized by high-quality design and architecture, luxury commercial services and brands, and LEED Gold certification. The focus of Rainbow Tiandi is a tree-lined axis that crosses the site, facilitating the movement of people from the northeast corner to the southwest corner. Foliage and greenery run along this axis and branch out to penetrate other zones of commercial space. Along the north end of the central square, a sunken plaza brings water features, light, and pedestrians down to the basement level, creating an inviting and rich atmosphere. The third and fourth levels open onto vibrant outdoor patios, full of lush plants to create a pleasant outdoor dining experience. As such, a visitor can meander through the beautiful and varied spaces of Rainbow Tiandi, glimpsing other visitors and intimate architectural moments throughout the project. The architecture has been carefully considered with regards to its context, function, and sustainable performance. A palette of warm and light materials reflect this authentic character; commercial zones are built of stone, brick, and stucco. The KTV and Livehouse have a more contemporary and lively feeling; gold and finely polished metal evoke a lively and high quality experience.

Project Information

Shuion Land
26,144 Sqm
119,840 Sqm

Consultant firms

Studio Shanghai


Benjamin Travis Wood, Anna Fu