C&D·YangZhu Display Area

The project is located near the main urban road and is located at the main spatial node of the city. The planning conditions have an important impact on it and coordinate with the urban planning integration. At the same time, the land resources are limited, the area is narrow, and the three-way hospital is built. Through the connection of the circuitous corridor, opening and opening, moving and changing scenery, the original limited space has increased more points of view. It also integrates traditional culture and world aesthetics, concreting the new Chinese architectural concept of “Confucian Doctrine Garden, Tang Fenghua Wen”. Taking the aesthetic style of Tang Dynasty architecture as an example, it extends the Chinese style of Damei and has a great oriental elegance and a retro Chinese style charm.

Project Information

C&D Real Estate Corporation limited(xiamen)
95,200 sqm
95,200 sqm
14,526 sqm
56,500 sqm
3 months

Consultant firms

Xiamen Hordor Architecture & Engineering Design Group Co., Ltd
Xiamen Hordor Architecture & Engineering Design Group Co., Ltd
Greenview Landscape International Design Group
Mans Design


Steven Huang