Congregation of the elites within the industry Compete and shine with top designing industry on the same stage. Appreciate the beauty of global designs Supported by the embassies of different countries who give access to participants from all around the world. Carve the gold · Climb onto the summit of the annual honor Join the award event to witness the great moment of real estate deigns.

China Real Estate& Design Award

CREDAWARD is launched by As the first international design award in the field of China real estate industry, it inaugurates in judging the design in the perspective of estate concerns and selecting the representative projects in an eye of designing.

Global Elites communicate through their works

Promote and Innovate our life quality

CREDAWARD is becoming more welcomed and participated by real estate corporations and design groups who take design as real passion, pursue design innovation and combine design with economic utility. CREDAWARD doesn’t restrict the location of the participants and welcomes all outstanding designs to compete on the same stage. CREDAWARD invites all elites all around the world to communicate through their works and co-promote the design, which will ultimately create a better future for all of us.

The first domestic award adopting the international accreditation procedure.

International Accreditation Procedure. Video Record during the whole course.

The Gold and Silver Award require a 5-min speech to make the accreditation more transparent and fairer.

July 1,2020-December 30,2020

Sign up for CREDAWARD
Submit the Registration Form
Pay for the Registration Fee

July 1,2020-December 30,2020

Submit the Information and Details of the Participating Project Online

January 1, 2021

First Round Review by the Committee
Public Summons of the winnowed Projects
Announcement of the winnowed Projects

before February 28, 2021

Confirmation of attending the Gold/Silver Contest
Pay for the Additional Attendance Fee
Submit the Final Project Information

before March 30, 2021

Confirmation of the Speech Keynote

before April , 2021

Project Presentation
Awarding Ceremony


DJSER Congress
In-depth interpretation of gold award works

The Settings of CREDAWARD

Merit Award

The shortlists which attend the award ceremony can get the Merit Award. (You can choose to make the speech on the meeting or not)

Gold and Silver Award

The gold and silver awards will be selected from the shortlists which make the live speech.

Requirements for Participation

Enterprises qualified for award application category can apply to participate in CREDAWARD.
All the domestic and overseas projects enter into the application for awards.

For the completed projects, the completion time shall be within the range from 2016.1.1-2020.12.31;
For the projects under construction: ① The residential projects must start selling, and the reality images of the facades/model rooms need to be provided; ② At least one phase of the commercial project is in business.


Entry fee: RMB 2,800 each entry;
Finalist participation fee: RMB 6,800/project

Including 2 places of participation in the award speech and award gala;
The shortlists will be published in the award album, with a print volume of 5,000 copies;
Free access to 2 award albums;
The shortlists will be exhibited on the meeting, and the form will be decided by the organizing committee;
The award-winning project can get 1 trophy and 2 medals;
The organizing committee can assist the express medal and the album to the partner company;
Short-listed projects can get 1 WeChat promotion opportunity;
All shortlists will be posted on the award official website;
Shortlisted projects will be published on the Media Partner Platform in the form of joint listings;
Gold and Silver Awards Projects will get an offline exchange and communication activity

*The above prices are valid until November 30, 2020.

Judge form the perspective of the Real Estate

Connecting perceptual design with rational economic effectiveness to form an objective judging standard.

The judge committee of CREDAWARD are architects and scholars from domestic and abroad, with a background of architect. They review works based on their design, combining their economic effectiveness, user experience and sustainability to form a complete reviewing standing so that the accreditation will be scientific and professional. In the final review for the Gold Award, after analyzing the advantages of the recommended projects, the judges will vote anonymously. The 10 most voted projects shall win the Annual Gold Award.

Broadly reported by the trending media in the industry.

Together with the We-Media and cooperative partners, we have a large volume of audiences.