2020 NEW ERA | 6TH CREDAWARD CEREMONY Successfully Held

2020 NEW ERA


2020 is destined to be unordinary year. As Mr. Ieoh Ming Pei said: The mankind is tellurian only hasty passing traveler, only the city will be permanent exist.

Representatives of world-renowned outstanding architects, designers and real estate developers gathered at Shanghai-Shanghai Tower on September 20 to share the outstanding works, and to celebrate 2020【NEW ERA】6th China Real Estate & Design Award Ceremony.

Due to the COVID-19, 6thCREDAWARD has innovatively adjusted the past offline shortlisted project presentation to the online conference. The organizing committee, judges and the participants are taking it very seriously. This is a successful attempt.
——Tonghe Xing, Honorary Chairman of the Judging Committee
Online conference is special, but all the judges have received the judge manual and the shortlisted project manual from the organizing committee. This gave us enough time to review each project carefully in advance. Finally, the Annual Gold and Silver Award Winners came out after presentation and full judging discussion and voting. This is a new and successful attempt. Meanwhile, this year is also the first year we have produced three co-chairs. It is also a new method, and a new beginning.
——Albert Chan, Co-chair of the Judging Committee

This year, because of the online conference format, the globalization has become more profound. Architects and designers from American, Thailand, Britain, Singapore, and other different countries all over the world went online to give project speeches at the same time. It really reflects that CREDAWARD has become a high-level stage for industry exchanges.——Jerry Yin, Judge of CREDAWARD

There are 442 Merit Award Winners for 6th CREDAWARD, project categories including: high-end residence, demonstration area, long-term rented flat, urban renewal, mixed-use, large-scale commercial center, shopping mall, industrial park, headquarters, exhibition, tourist resort, hotel, restaurant, city park, ecological landscape, private residence, etc.

6th CREDAWARD Merit Award-Public Building Project

There is a rise in the number of shortlisted projects this year again. But judging from the projects, there is also a certain degree of specialty and difference. A large number of excellent projects came out in public building. For the residential and interior, projects are quite good but become more and more homogeneous due to the standardization of projects or the policies. There is more space for improvement in differentiation and creativity. I believe there will be more excellent projects next year. It is expected that the depth and difference will be increased in project category, project style and research on clients. I hope more representative projects in different categories, fields and directions will emerge in the future.
——Zhaohui Jia, Co-chairs of the Judging Committee

6th CREDAWARD Merit Award-Residential Project

The average level of residential projects is quite high, but the projects of demonstration area are still similar and lack of creativity. I hope that through our joint efforts, more interesting and creative projects will emerge.
——Zhaoqiang Zhang, Judge of CREDAWARD

6th CREDAWARD Merit Award-Landscape Design

Landscape projects are outstanding this year. Some projects are very good while some projects cover a large span of time, of which some parts have been built. Actually, I would like to see more projects which the real scene is presented, and the material, process and experience of customer are presented in a relatively complete way. I think it is a tendency in the future.

——Zheng Zhu, Judge of CREDAWARD

6th CREDAWARD Merit Award-Interior Design

If a design only starts with image and doesn’t have deep culture profoundness to support, it tends to look very familiar and can’t be touching. So, our originality has to be based on our characteristic gene, history and culture. That is where designers try hard to take root and create works in the future.
——Chunling Zhang, Judge of CREDAWARD
6th CREDAWARD Merit Award-Lighting Design
Lighting design, as an important part of CREDAWARD, has more and more entries these years. They represent the whole level of urban renewal, public building, interior design and lighting design in contemporary China. Though lighting design accounts for less awards, it fully reflect judges’ respect and importance on lighting industry.
——Yi Qian, Judge of CREDAWARD
6thCREDAWARD Merit Award-Representative of Developer
6thCREDAWARD has 10 Gold and 10 Silver Award Winners for each residential projects, public building, landscape design, and interior design. The winnersare from America, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Britain, Italy, France, Singapore, Thailand, Beijing (China),  Shanghai (China), Hangzhou (China), Chengdu (China), Chongqing (China), Guangzhou (China), Shenzhen (China), Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China).
6thCREDAWARD Silver AwardPublic Building Project

6thCREDAWARD Silver Award

Residential Project


6thCREDAWARD Silver Award

Landscape Design

6thCREDAWARD Silver Award

Interior Design


6thCREDAWARD Silver Award

Lighting Design


Compared with museums, cultural centers and even educational architecture, commercial architecture is likely to be less posh and lack of style. ‘Too commercial’ tends to be a negative phrase to judge a certain architecture. In fact, it is not true. Commercial architecture is designed for the mainstream group. They are public architecture, which are the extension for the minority.

As it faces a wide audience, it means that the architects need to be proactive and have accurate market positioning. They need to be vigorous and keep up-to-date to make a decision. They need to know the consumption habits and real demands of customers. It is difficult to take all into consideration, so it takes more time to practice and keep reflecting, summary and make improvement. An excellent commercial architecture is a real masterwork.

We hope to re-build the monotonous cities into living spaces with more characteristics and aesthetic attraction through the efforts from real estate and design industry. Perhaps what we are doing cannot make the difference, but I believe more and more people can see it.

——Fang Fang, Overseas Secretary General of the Judging Committee

Award Ceremony of Judge Certificates

CREDAWARD adheres to the evaluation standards of architectural aesthetics, environment protection, user experience and economic benefits, spread and commend cutting-edge design concepts for the Gold Award projects. 

Reference of Evaluation Scope:

◆The project should be more positively innovative, original and cultural;

◆The project has a leading role in the aesthetic trend of the industry;

◆The function of the project is reasonable, with the epochal and unique character;

◆The project should be important positive impact of the project on the surrounding/local society;

◆The project has a profound effect on the sustainable development of industry;

◆The project has a certain role model for learning now and even in the future;

◆The quality and cost of project design should be considered,  the design should have a positive impact on the improvement of product value.


6thCREDAWARD Gold Award

Public Building Project


6thCREDAWARD Gold Award

Residential Project


6thCREDAWARD Gold Award

Planning Design


6thCREDAWARD Gold Award

Landscape Design


6thCREDAWARD Gold Award

Interior Design


6thCREDAWARD Gold Award

Lighting Design

Compared with the previous years, more and more outstanding projects emerged in the 6thCREDAWARD. Whether it is from public building, residence, landscape, interior, the quality and maturity of works are getting higher and higher, and I think all the above are original.
Meanwhile, the judging method has changed a lot. A novel judging method was adopted. The executive judges had a discussion on the judging method since February. Finally, a brand-new online conference was live broadcast via all the media to all the industry. The guests gave a speech on the shortlisted projects online while 21 judges divided into 7 groups to review the project separately offline, which proved to be an efficient way. Finally, all the Gold, Silver and Merit awards were selected after the rigorous and strict discussion of the Judges.
Though COVID-9 is not over yet, our life needs to go on. The award has come to a perfect end. The ceremony was postponed, the award ceremony is held with great pomp and solemnity.
Representatives of world-renowned outstanding architects, designers and real estate developers gathered on September 20 to share the outstanding works, and promote the better development of architectural design and real estate industry.
We hope that CREDAWARD and architecture industry will become better and better through the joint efforts of judges and all the architects.
——Xiaojuan Zhu, Co-chair of the Judging Committee
Twenty-five thousand years ago, a home was an ancient cave where human sheltered from tough weather;Sixteen thousand years ago, a home was a tent where human lived in group, and they lived in nature and carry life on from generation to generation; 

Six thousand years ago, a home was a thatched hut which presented the prototype of a building;

Four thousand years ago, a home was a wooden hut which was more practical than a thatched one, meanwhile an early city began to appear;

Eight hundred years ago, a home was a cottage made of the blue tile and white wall, meanwhile the concept of the city became clearer and clearer;

One hundred years ago, a home was an alley featured with diverse styles, such as, Siheyuan in Beijing, ShiLiYangChang in Shanghai, the alleys in Nanjing, the little Western-style mansions in Tianjin…

Thirty years ago, a home was a building made of steel and concrete, meanwhile numerous high-rise buildings rose from the ground and thriving cities were built.

Award Ceremony of Jury Certificates

Jianping Gu, General Manager of Shanghai Tower

Warm congratulations to the 6th CREDAWARD Ceremony held in Shanghai Tower


Thanks to all the guests for attending the 2020 NEW ERA ——6th China Real Estate & Design Award Ceremony.

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