Application in progress | 248 Design Agencies Participation Confirmed for the 10th CREDAWARD

“Since the 10TH CREDAWARD officially opened the application on August 1, 2023, we have received the participation and support from global owners/design institutions who persistently pursue design excellence even in adversity. As of the date of the press release, 248 companies have submitted entries for 10TH CREDAWARD.

As of November 16 2023, the confirmed participation of overseas institutions accounted for 27% of the total entries for the award.


According to UFI, international events/exhibitions are recognized as international based on the criteria that more than 20% of the participating companies or more than 20% of the revenue comes from abroad.

Over 90% of the participating companies of 10TH CREDAWARD are design institutions. Among them, comprehensive design institutions with a main business on architectural design account for approximately 57%, showing a diverse range of design types, participating in projects involving landscape design, interior design, and lighting design.




CREDAWARD was initiated by DJSER in 2014 and has been renowned as its authority, comprehensiveness and internationality. It attracts participants from nearly 30+ countries and regions, including domestic and international property owners, development companies, international design institutions, state-owned and private design agencies. The award adheres to the evaluation criteria of ‘architectural aesthetics, environmental priority, user experience, and economic efficiency.’ Due to its rigorous selection process, transparent evaluation method, and stringent award mechanism, it is widely regarded in the industry as one of ‘ the most credible awards.’

As a comprehensive design award, CREDAWARD brings together outstanding global designs, promotes the advancement of the industry, fosters the healthy development of the industry ecosystem, guides the future path of urban development, and contributes to social sustainability.